Dual LiDAR-based Navigation

Student: Anath Vadlamani (graduated)

Autonomous Navigation (and Mapping) Capability in GPS-challenged/denied and Unknown Terrain Environments

Solution 0: Inertial Navigation Systems. Provide the necessary states of Position/Velocity/Attitude to drive a flight control system.  However, the states drift over time.
Solution 1: Terrain Referenced Navigation (TRN).  Need onboard terrain database to perform height profile correlation – not operational in unknown environments.
Solution 2: GPS/INS.  GPS is an excellent complement to INS, however, not operational in non-GPS signal environments.

Dual-laser aided Inertial Integration

Dead-Reckoning Terrain Referenced Navigation (TRN) scheme using in-flight generated map

Flight test setup - Ohio University DC-3

Flight test profile

Flight test results

Further Evaluation using Simualted Data

Tight Coupling/Integartion