Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations Directed 

Andreas G. Hotes, “Terminalvorgelagerte Sicherheitskontrollen an deutschen Verkehrsflughäfen – Entwicklung, Analyse und Bewertung von Umsetzungsszenarien,” December 2019.

Pengfei (Phil) Duan, “Predictive Alerting for Improved Aircraft State Awareness,” October 2018.

Evan T. Dill, “GPS/Optical/Inertial Integration for 3D Navigation and Mapping Using Multi-copter Platforms,” August 2014.

Ananth K. Vadlamani, “Airborne Laser Scanner Aided Inertial for Terrain Referenced Navigation in Unknown Environments,” March 2010.

Michael Stepaniak, “A Quadrotor Sensor Platform,” August 2008.

Jacob L. Campbell, “Application of Airborne Laser Scanner to Aerial Navigation,” June 2006.

Steven D. Young,  “On the Development of In-Flight Autonomous Integrity Monitoring of Stored Geo-Spatial Data Using Forward-Looking Remote Sensing Technology,” December 2004.

Theses Directed (M.S.E.E.) - Excerpt

Sudha Vana,  “Simulation Evaluation of Measurement-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast,” November 2013.

Rajesh Bezawada, “Onboard Aircraft Traffic Tracking Algorithm to Support Conflict Detection and Resolution using Multi-sensor Data Integration and Integrity Monitoring,” October 2012.

Pengfei Duan,  “Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Space-Oriented Message Set Design,” August 2011. (co-advisor with Dr. James Rankin)

Evan Dill, “Integration of 3D and 2D Imaging Data for Assured Navigation in Unknown Environments,” December 2010.

Amy Scheithauer, “3D Relative Position & Orientation Estimation for Rendezvous and Docking Applications using a 3D Imager,” December 2009.

Michael L. Farrell, “Fully Automatic Upper Airway Segmentation and Surfacing on a GPU from Cone-Beam CT Volumes,” November 2009.

Jason S. Maxwell, “A Low-cost Solution to Motion Tracking Using an Array of Sonar Sensors and an Inertial Measurement Unit,” August 2009.

Justin Mamrak, “MARKII - A Biologically-Inspired Walking Robot,” November 2008.

Don Venable, “Implementation of a 3D Imaging Sensor Aided Inertial Measurement Unit Navigation System,” June 2008.

Mark Smearcheck, “Investigation of Dual Airborne Laser Scanners for Detection and State Estimation of Mobile Obstacles in an External Hazard Monitor,” May 2008.

Abhijeet Singh, “Weather Radar-based Terrain Referenced Navigation and Integrity Monitoring Using Image Processing and Tracking Techniques,” November 2007.

Arun Vydhyanathan, “Effect of Atmospheric Particulates on Airborne Laser Scanning for Terrain Referenced Navigation,” November 2006.

Anupriya Kakkeroda,  “Hardware Design and Certification Aspects of a Field-Programmable Gate Array-Based Terrain Database Integrity Monitor for Synthetic Vision System,” August 2004.

Eric Root,  “A Re-configurable Hardware-in-the-Loop Flight Simulator,” June 2004.

Swarna Kakarlapudi, “Application of Image Analysis Techniques in Forward-Looking Synthetic Vision Integrity Monitors,” June 2004.

Ananth Vadlamani,  “Performance Improvement Methods for Terrain Database Integrity Monitors and Terrain Referenced Navigation,” March 2004.

Jacob Campbell, “Characteristics of a Real-Time Digital Terrain Elevation Database Integrity Monitor for a Synthetic Vision System,” November 2001.